Dhamma Citavana, Chitawan Vipassana Center

Dhamma Citavana, meaning ‘Dhamma in the Forest of Cheetahs’, is near Bharatpur a
town located 150 km southwest of Kathmandu. The eastern Rapti River and the Narayani
(‘Gandak’ in Hindi or ‘Mahi’ in Pal²) flow through and have carved the present shape of
Chitwan District. The country’s biggest and the most famous Chitwan National Park
(and wild life reserve) is located in Chitwan District.

Until 1960, the entire area was covered by dense Sal forest populated with cheetahs,
tigers, rhinoceros, elephant and alligators. From 1960 onwards large-scale migration from
the hills, and clearing away of the forest and resettlement took place in Chitwan district.
As the Pali and Sanskrit literatures indicate, Chitwan was a place of meditation from the
ancient times. Occasional non-centre ten day courses began in Chitwan in monasteries,
resorts and factories in the early eighties and continues till to date.

In 2004, the Centre was established on a Five-acre land.