Dhamma Kitti, Kirtipur Vipassana Center

Dhamma Kitti, meaning ‘Merit of Dhamma’ the Dhamma Kitti, Kirtipur Vipassana centre is located in Kirtipur Municipality.

Kirtipur is a beautiful and historical town situated in the south west corner of Kathmandu valley. The centre is situated at 6 kilometers south west of Kathmandu city.

Dhamma Kitti is situated at an approximate altitude of 1400 meters. During the summer months of April to September, the maximum temperature remains between 24C to 33C and the minimum temperature between 10C to 16C. During the winter months of October to March, the maximum temperature remains between 10C to 16C and the minimum temperature between 2C to 5C.

The centre consists of a dhamma hall with the capacity of 40 students, a kitchen, separate dinning for male and females, teachers residences and residences ranging from dormitories to double bed rooms. The centre can comfortably accommodate 40 students. Nepali style vegetarian meals are served during the course.

Sattipathana course, ten-day course, three-day course, one-day course, children's course and Vipassana work-shops are regularly held at Dhamma Kitti. Please refer to the course schedule for detail information.

The Dhamma Kitti Vipassana center is 40 minutes drive from Tribuvan International Airport and 35 minutes drive from Thamel by car. The Visitors may opt for Bus/Minibus/Microvan number 21 from Ratnapark Bus Station to reach the center. All Vipassana Meditators are welcome to visit Dhamma Kitti Vipassana center.

Dhamma Kitti, Kirtipur Vipassana center - (kvc) is a registered Organization, incorporated as a non-profit organization as per Nepalese law.