Opportunity for Earning Merits

Dhamma Kitti Vippasana center is conducting Sattipathana, Ten days' Course and three days' course from 20th of each month. The center is also conducting one day course on full moon day and first as well as third Saturday of every month.

The center is consistently developing its infrastructure including residences for students. The center has recently completed construction of residences of nine students. Currently, the center is constructing Teacher's Residence. All interested old students can take opportunity to earn merits by donating cash or in kind for the construction of Teacher's Residence.


Nepal Vippasana Center

(Dhamma Shringa): [977] [1] 4371655
(City Office) : [977] [1] 4250581

Dhamma Kitti Vippasana Center

(Dev Dhoka, Kirtipur) : [977] [1] 4335587