Dhamma Surakhetta is situated by the side of Surkhet-Dailekh road at Katkuwa, at a distance of 9 km, north of Birendranagar municipality Surkhet.

Surkhet is a district in the Bheri Zone of the Mid-Western Development Region of Nepal. Birendranagar is the administrative headquarter of Surkhet as well as the whole Mid-Western Development Region. It is situated South-West at a distance of 600 km from the capital Kathmandu and due North at distance of 106 km from the border town Nepaljung.

The trail in Map 1 shows the distance between Surkhet and Katkuwa(Point B in the map) which 9 km due North from Birendra Nagar(Point A in the map).One needs to disembark at point B in Katkuwa along the Surkhet-Dailekh highway

Location Map of Dhamma Surrakhetta at Katkuwa

After Disembarking on Katkuwa the center is around 200 to 300 meters North-East indicated by yellow dotted line